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Carl's C-Series DIY Enclosures

Carl's C-Series DIY Enclosures

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We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you! Carl's Place, the pioneer of DIY and Pro Golf Simulator Enclosures, has undergone a remarkable transformation. Our dedicated team of product engineers, led by Carl himself, has worked tirelessly to revamp our industry-favorite enclosures, ensuring an unparalleled indoor golfing experience for your customers.


At Carl's Place, we have re-engineered our golf simulator enclosures from the ground up, placing a special focus on the impact screen system. This comprehensive redesign guarantees the safest and most immersive golfing experience available in the market today. The key upgrades include:


What sets the C-Series Golf Enclosure apart?

C-Series Feature

Seamless Visuals 

Immersive turf-to-screen simulation with a new borderless golf impact screen design, enabling golf enthusiasts to feel like they are on the actual course.

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C-Series Feature

Unparalleled Safety

Improved golf ball bounceback with a re-engineered golf impact screen system ensuring maximum durability and safety.

C-Series Feature

New Accessories 

An even larger lineup of enclosure accessories now includes a Back Cover, which gives the enclosure an even more polished, finished-off look while also eliminating all light leak for the highest-quality projected image. 

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