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Carl's C-Series Pro Golf Enclosure

Carl's C-Series Pro Golf Enclosure

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What sets the C-Series Golf Enclosure apart?

C-Series Feature

Seamless Visuals 

Immersive turf-to-screen simulation with a new borderless golf impact screen design, enabling golf enthusiasts to feel like they are on the actual course.

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C-Series Feature

Unparalleled Safety

Improved golf ball bounceback with a re-engineered golf impact screen system ensuring maximum durability and safety.

C-Series Feature

New Accessories 

An even larger lineup of enclosure accessories now includes a Back Cover, which gives the enclosure an even more polished, finished-off look while also eliminating all light leak for the highest-quality projected image. 


Additional New Accessories

Ceiling Baffles, a popular Pro enclosure accessory now available for the DIY kit as well to knock down high-angle shots for added safety. Foam Inserts, now available as an option for the Pro enclosure, replace the Pro cushions and provide an additional measure of safety and peace of mind.



We take immense pride in providing top-quality products to our customers. Rest assured, our dedication to using durable materials, ensuring simple assembly, and offering fair pricing remains unchanged. Our new line of golf enclosures will offer the same quality and to-the-inch customizability that Carl’s Place is known for.


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