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Uneekor EYEXO2

Uneekor EYEXO2

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Introducing the Uneekor EYEXO2, the ultimate golf simulator technology for your home or business. This state-of-the-art system delivers a fully immersive golf experience with unparalleled accuracy and realism. Equipped with high-speed cameras and advanced sensors, the EYEXO2 captures every detail of your swing, from club path and face angle to ball speed and spin. Its cutting-edge software then uses this data to create a 3D rendering of your shot, accurately simulating the flight of the ball and providing valuable feedback on your swing mechanics. The EYEXO2's compact design makes it ideal for use in a home or commercial setting, and its intuitive interface makes it easy for golfers of all skill levels to use. Whether you're looking to improve your game, stay sharp during the off-season, or simply have fun with friends and family, the Uneekor EYEXO2 is the perfect solution.


  • High-speed cameras and advanced sensors for accurate swing analysis
  • Realistic 3D ball flight simulation
  • The intuitive user interface for easy operation
  • Compact design for use in the home or commercial settings
  • Compatible with a wide range of golf simulation software
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